Read a Natal Chart Course

Learn how to read a Sidereal Astrology Chart, with my proven paint-by-numbers method.

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Natal Chart & Aspects Course

Learn How to Read a Sidereal Astrology Chart and how to apply and work with Aspects.

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Sidereal Astrology Mentor Program / Master Class

Complete 1:1 Mentorship Program for those who want to become Professional Sidereal Astrologers

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See How Sidereal Aligns With The Actual Constellations

In this video, I show you how Sidereal Astrology aligns with the actual constellations in the sky and how Tropical is totally out of alignment with the constellations.


Live Talk About Ophiuchus the 13th Zodiac Sign

Watch this amazing live talk I gave about the hidden 13th Zodiac Sign, Ophiuchus.

Join Me at My Star Gazing Camp

In this video, filmed at my star gazing camp, we discuss why it's important to practice astrology aligned with the constellations. The Ancients considered Astrology and Astronomy one sacred science.


1-1 Private Astrology Coaching

What you'll get:

✅ Three 1 hour sessions

✅ 1-1 Coaching with me via Zoom

✅ Pick your own time

✅ Customized just for you

✅ Deepen your Astrology practice

✅ Access to my vast Cosmology Library

✅ Business Guidance: How to make a business out of your practice.

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