Learn How To Read a Sidereal Astrology Chart

This course is part 1 taken directly from my Sidereal Astrology Master Class, reserved for those wanting to become professional Sidereal Astrologers.

Watch this video as I walk you through exactly what you get with this course.

What you'll get:

✅ Learn how to read a natal chart with my proven paint by numbers method.

✅ 18 Video lessons.

✅ Lifetime access to course videos plus weekly [LIVE] Classes.

✅ Lifetime access to private group community.

✅ Learn why Tropical Astrology is out of alignment with the actual constellations and why Sidereal Astrology is in alignment.

✅ Learn about the hidden 13th Zodiac Sign, once used by Ancient Astrologers. 

What People Are Saying:

The best outlet to learn the truth from a real Astronomer. It blew me away how misled the public truly is when it comes to Astrology.


You inspire me & are a wealth of knowledge! I value your helpful nature & kindness. You make people feel like equals & I admire that about you.


This class far exceeded my expectations. I now know how to predict my future using astrology,. I couldn't imagine a better teacher.


Isaac has a huge quantum knowledge and is more than happy and willing to share this knowledge.


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A lot of times a person might have a little knowledge of astrology but the reading falls apart when they reach the aspects. The aspects are a fundamental part of interpreting an astrological chart, and very overwhelming if you are not structured with your approach. I found that many astrologers get discouraged at this point of applying the aspects properly, and often times stop their pursuit of astrology.

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